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Past, Present, or Future


Capture Every Person Who Enters Geo Fence



What It Is

Our innovative approach harnesses the power of advanced targeting technology, engineered with precision for the rhythm and soul of live performances. We are not just running campaigns; we are orchestrating a movement, utilizing hyper-accurate data to echo the vibes of past concerts into the now, fueling the anticipation for upcoming spectacles and merchandise marvels.

Imagine tapping into the energy of every arena, stadium, or venue, from the past, present, or future. Our technology does not just track; it breathes life into data, transforming past attendance into a living, pulsating map of potential. This is not mere targeting; it’s a digital awakening, reaching out to those whose hearts still echo with the beats of the past, turning memories into anticipation, and anticipation into action.

With our spectral analysis of digital footprints, we trace the echoes of musical journeys back to their origins—and further, to the homes of the audience, matching their IP addresses and personal data. Crafting a symphony of advertisements that resonate with the very core of the audience’s desires, we build a bridge across temporal boundaries, uniting fans with the future of live music experiences by connecting their past presence at venues directly to their current lives.


How It Works

We employ advanced geofence technology to meticulously analyze ad impressions, pinpointing the who (via unique device ID), the where (geographical coordinates), and the when (timestamp of impression). This data is meticulously collected and stored, laying the foundation for our precise, cookieless targeting. By identifying likely home addresses of devices detected at events, we initiate targeted digital campaigns through IP targeting with unmatched precision.


This strategy extends beyond mere locations; it targets homes, reaching individuals where they live, and follows them persistently, attaching to their smartphones, tablets, and computers. Our approach ensures that our ads not only reach but also travel with our audience, from their homes to their daily commutes and beyond, creating a continuous and seamless advertising presence.

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1. Elevate Event Ticket Sales: Transform the landscape of live events by significantly enhancing ticket sales through our innovative targeting strategies. We aim to not just fill seats but create a wave of anticipation and demand that elevates the live experience to new heights.

2. Amplify Merchandise Revenue: Supercharge merchandise sales by leveraging our deep insights into audience behavior and preferences. Our goal is to turn every piece of merchandise into a coveted item, driving revenue and brand engagement simultaneously.

3. Broaden Customer Base with Historical Geofencing Data: Utilize our expansive repository of historical geofencing data to widen the customer base. By understanding past behaviors and preferences, we tailor our campaigns to not only reach but resonate with a broader audience, fostering loyalty and expanding market reach.

4. Escalate Audience and New Listener Engagement: Through our advanced targeting and engagement strategies, we aim to significantly increase audience interaction and attract new listeners. Our approach is designed to create a magnetic pull, drawing in new fans while deepening the connection with existing ones, setting the stage for a thriving, engaged community around the music.

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