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"Fiverr’s Choice recommends services that people loved for superb work and delivery."

A note from one of our founders, PJ Wycech.

"I started teaching people about marketing but more specifically, Facebooks ads on Fiverr 3 years ago. After months of not receiving any orders, I nearly gave up. Looking back on it, I'm glad I stuck around. Fiverr has allowed me to meet many unique and different people and businesses. 

I couldn't be more proud and honored to receive the Fiverr's Choice Award for marketing consulting. 

This journey has allowed me many opportunities that I am eternally grateful for. Recently, I have been given the opportunity to be the founder of the official Facebook Ads club on Fiverr. The club is welcome for all Fiverr marketing professionals. 

If you would like to learn more about Facebook Ads or have been just a little bit nervous to begin, please reach out to me. Beginner to advanced, it doesn't matter."


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